– Surveys For Money – Surveys For Money - Surveys For Money enables anyone to earn money by completing surveys or sharing their internet connection. All you need to do is install our app, create a free account, and you’re good to go!

The Survey feature enables you to get paid for your opinions on different topics, from politics and fashion to the car industry, consumer products, and much more!

The minimum payout amount is just $5, and you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, or virtual gift cards!

What sets apart is the fact that it’s available to users all over the world. The Surveys feature is quickly expanding, with new countries added every two weeks. It also offers a feature to get paid for your shared internet connection!

The amount of money you can earn depends on your location and the amount of traffic you can share. The longer you keep the app running, the more you’ll earn.

We pay 0.20USD per shared GB, so you can expect to earn anywhere from 5USD to 140USD every month.

If you want to earn even more, you can take advantage of our referral program. Invite your friends to use your referral link and start sharing – this way, you get 10% of all their earnings!

We built the with safety, security, and privacy in mind. All your private data (device storage, gallery, contacts, and everything else) remains private at all times.

The app only uses what’s necessary for the service to work. On top of that, all traffic is encrypted, so there are no risks.

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